Add value to your property

for many years to come

One of the simplest ways to improve curb appeal is a well done paint job. Whether combined with restoration work, or just painting, we are your resource. We provide honest, accurate estimates in a timely manner.

When we arrive to do the work, we are on time, properly equipped, with attention to detail. We leave the work area clean at the end of the day.

A fresh coat of paint – if done properly, will continue to add value to your property for many years to come.




Provides protection, aesthetic enhancement, surface preservation, durability, and increased property value. It is an investment that not only enhances the visual appeal but also helps maintain and prolong the life of the structure.

Electrostatic painting

Offers improved efficiency, superior coverage, strong adhesion, and environmental benefits, making it a popular choice in various industries.

Stucco repairs

Offers benefits such as maintaining structural integrity, preventing water intrusion, improving energy efficiency, enhancing aesthetics, increasing durability, preserving property value, and implementing preventive measures. Regular maintenance and timely repairs are essential for the long-term performance and appearance of stucco finishes.

Concrete restoration

Restores structural integrity, enhances durability, cost savings, aesthetic improvement, safety enhancement, sustainability, and increased property value. It is a practical and efficient way to extend the lifespan of concrete structures while improving their functionality and appearance.

Expansion joint repairs

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Pressure cleaning

Enhance the appearance

of your property

Pressure cleaning enhances the appearance of your property and can extend the lifespan of your paint.

Regular pressure cleaning can remove most dirt, stains, mold and debris from your exterior surfaces.

Hot Water Pressure Cleaning isn’t offered by most of our competitors. This type of pressure cleaning is very effective at removing dirt, stains and debris which have been in place for longer periods or on more uneven surfaces.




Aesthetic enhancement, mood and atmosphere creation, personalization, space perception optimization, increased property value, surface protection, improved indoor air quality, and ease of maintenance. It is a cost-effective way to revitalize and customize your living space while adding value and improving your overall living experience.

High traffic areas

Increased durability and protection, enhanced appearance, easy maintenance, safety improvements, branding opportunities, noise reduction, cost savings, and improved tenant or customer satisfaction. Regular painting and maintenance of these areas help create a welcoming and well-maintained space that can withstand heavy use while leaving a positive impression on those who frequent the area.

Popcorn removal

Modernization and aesthetic enhancement, increasing light reflection, easier cleaning and maintenance. Elimination of potential health risks, a smoother and more professional look, increased resale value, easier installation of ceiling features, and greater flexibility in design. Removing the popcorn texture can transform a space, improve its functionality, and create a more desirable living environment.


Easy installation, versatility, fire resistance, sound insulation, durability, easy repair and maintenance, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability. These advantages make drywall a popular and practical choice for interior construction and finishing in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.


Increased comfort, enhanced aesthetics, improved functionality, increased home value, energy efficiency, personalization, increased livability, emotional well-being, and the option to avoid relocation. It allows you to create a home that suits your lifestyle, preferences, and evolving needs while adding value and enjoyment to your living space.

Pressure cleaning

Effective protection from

tropical storms & intense heat

Living in South Florida we are familiar with tropical storms, intense heat and lots of sunshine

And how these environmental factors impact building exteriors. Identifying the source of leaks can be challenging, experience is important. We can identify sources for water intrusions through the building envelope and provide a detailed plan for corrective measures.

Water Resistant Coatings of surfaces

Sealants for windows

Our skilled teams can effectively apply water resistant coatings and sealants to address water intrusions.

stucco repairs

Concrete restoration

In South Florida stucco is a frequently used finish for exteriors. Over time, this cement based plaster degrades and cracks and damage can occur which can lead to water intrusions. Prompt repair of stucco surfaces can save property owners the cost of addressing repeated water intrusions – especially in storm season.

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Property Managers

Multi-Family Apt. Buildings
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Community Centers
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Customers review

Their projects are always completed on time and within budget!

Over the past 5 years we have worked with Bullgator on numerous projects. Most recently they completed a restoration and repainting project for a multi-building project with 652 units in total. Their project manager was involved daily. Their projects are always completed on time and within budget. As a family owned company in business for over 30 years, we wish that all the painting companies we work with were as conscientious and professional as Bullgator.

J.Miles, President

Consolidated Community Management, Inc.

“Bullgator Painting and Water Resistant Coatings have been a great asset to our projects.”

We have worked with Jarvis Herring several times in the past. Jarvis Herring of Bullgator Painting and Water Resistant Coatings have been a great asset to our projects. Jarvis and his team have been very accommodating on all projects. Bullgators’ team are always respectful, work cleanly and professional. I look forward to working with Jarvis on more projects in the future.

G. Prince, Account Manager

MG Property Management

“Without a doubt, I confidently recommend adding Bullgator Painting and Waterproofing to your company’s vendor list.”

The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction is unmatched. With Bullgator you can expect hands on service until the job is fully completed. As a dedicated and knowledgeable company that offers an all-around great experience, I know that Bullgator will be beneficial addition to your organization.

T. Days, Founder CEO

Consolidated Community Management, Inc.

“Knowledgeable and Dedicated”

We have worked with Bullgator on 3 exterior painting projects from initial bid through project completion. I was very pleased with their knowledge, dedication and follow-through.  They were dedicated to the project, ensuring it was performed with the highest quality and safety required. They follow through to the end to make sure the client is satisfied with the completed work.

S. Thirlwell, Project Manager

Catholic Health Services

“Jarvis’s follow up was quick and organized.”

We are a property of eleven buildings, 4-stories, with 264 units. Jarvis Herring and his team were chosen over three other companies to power wash and repaint our buildings. Jarvis was on site and his team kept us informed of each step of the project. We knew where his team would be working and how long they would be there. His team was very courteous to the homeowners whose lives were temporarily disrupted. This was appreciated by homeowners and management as well.

J. Boudwin, LCAM

Village East



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